Welcome To North Colchester High School


90 Blair Avenue,
Tatamagouche NS   B0K 1V0

Principal: Mr. Tom Thomson

Vice Principal: Mr. Shawn Hale

Admin. Assist: Ms. Carla Hayman

Important Information (Note the schedule changes below) :

June 21st will be Day D on your schedule.


NCHS Prom - June 25th begins at 7 p.m. 

NCHS Graduation - June 27th beginning at 7 p.m. Grads should be here by 6:15 p.m.




Exam Schedule Dates Updated Below!

Important Dates

June 14 - Exams Begin

A.M. ELA 9, Can Hist 11, Math 12, Calculus 12

P.M. Math 9, Eng 11 02, Science 10

June 15 - Virtual High Exams

A.M. Math 10 at Work, Pre Cal 11, Eng 12, Eng 12 02

P.M. Math 11 at Work, Biology 12, Virtual Exams

June 18

A.M. Social Studies 9, Chem 11

P.M.  Science 9

June 19 

A.M. Eng 10, Eng 10 02

P.M. No Exams

June 20

A.M.  Math 10

P.M. Make Up Exams

June 21  Make up Exams

June 22  Last Day for Grade 7/8

June 25 - Prom, NCHS gym, 7pm

Marking Day No Students

June 26 - Marking Day No Students

                Grad Practice 11 a.m.


June 27 - Graduation Ceremony, NCHS gym - 7pm

Grads should arrive at 6:15 p.m.

June 27, 28 - Packing Days No Students

June 29 - Report Card Day (Morning Only)

Last Day of School for 20170-2018


Important Notices:

New School Up-date

As the new school building, Tatamagouche Regional Academy, is nearing completion, we wanted to let you know that despite being very close to final completion, it has been decided that in the best interests of the students, we continue to wait for a ‘moving–in’ date.

After the most recent inspection of the new school building took place it was felt, that in its current state, moving in immediately after March Break was not a viable option.


Whilst we acknowledge that there have been a few completion deadlines that have not materialized, we must remember that we only want to move in when the school is ready.

The building is extremely impressive and modern, one that will serve your children and families for many years to come. With such a well-designed building, one can imagine the detail that has gone into the design, planning and construction phases.

Two things are for certain, we will only move when the school is ready and your children and families will be in a learning environment, which they deserve and will serve them for many years to come.

For obvious reasons, even though we are getting down to the final phases of completion, any moving into a new building has to consider that it be “fully functional” and “operationally safe” before any ‘take-over’ of the building or moving in, occurs, which makes absolute common sense.


We still do not know the final date yet, this will be determined by further inspections that will take place over the next few weeks and through consultation with CCRSB, ourselves, the construction company and the DTIR.



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